Patient Testimonials


Patient Testimonials at Phuket Dental Signature Dental Clinic in Patong beach, Phuket Thailand


Mr. Matt from USA

He completed full mouth restoration and dental implants.
"Everything is excellent!"

Mr. Max from Australia

He had completed full upper arch dental implant (all on 6) and full restoration on lower arch with root canal treatment & crown.

Mr. Michael Shane, from Australia

He had dental treatment for root canal treatment and bridge.
“All service was very good and efficient; Very Good!”

Ms. Michelle from Australia

She done treatment for extraction followed by replacement of full upper & lower complete denture.
“Fantastic service from everyone.”

Ms. Monique from New Zealand

she completed upper front veneers in just few days!

“I love that staff went above and beyond for me. As they communicated with me often through email, trying to arrange veneers in just few days”

Mr. Papa Wassa from France

He done dental treatment complete in Phuket Dental Signature for teeth cleaning & dental fillings.
“The dental center is very modern and clean – and the staff very professional and polite”

Ms. Rachel from Australia

 She has completed 2nd stage of implant, crown, and veneers.

Ms.Samantha from Australia

she completed upper front veneers, bridge & fillings.
“All reception & dental staff were exemplary. I am extremely happy with the service and price”

Ms. Sandi Moloney from New Zealand

she completed upper front veneers, lower front crowns and dental fillings.

Steven Arthurson & Sarah Nerad from Australia

both came back to continue the treatment for 2nd Stage Implant (Steven) and enhancing teeth whitening (Sarah Nerad).
“Was amazing, everyone made the experience a pleasure”

Ms.Amie & Mrs. Tracy, from Australia

They had dental treatment in Phuket Dental Signature for teeth cleaning & whitening, dental fillings, root canal treatment, crown and veneers.

“Staff are very friendly and welcoming while maintaining professional; They are prompt and clear on appointments and costing involved. The whole facility was clean, bright and comfortable!"

Mr. Trent & Maria, from Australia

They have dental treatment done in Phuket Dental Signature with teeth cleaning, whitening, dental fillings, and composite veneers.
“Very clean, very friendly, excellent work on my teeth; very competent & thorough; Dentists are exceptional and very kind. Worth coming to from Australia to have our teeth done!"

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