Dental Implants at Phuket Dental Signature

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Dental implant is a post inserted into the jaw bone to hold a false tooth in permanently replace missing gap. Dental implant is an ideal replacement solution for long term teeth replacement similar to have a new tooth root in terms of function, feeling and look. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants also prevents bone loss with its post anchored within the jaw bone in exercising area keeping bone intact and healthy.

Phuket Dental Signature is one of the few dental clinics with an AMERICAN BOARD PROSTHODONTIST for its dental implant treatment. Its implantologist is a top implant surgeon in Phuket working at a major hospital. Phuket Dental Signature has an on-site dental laboratory in allowing for quality based and aesthetic prosthetics over implants. If there is a need to change the color shade, shape of crown, bridge or dentures of implants, this may be done instantly at the dental clinic speeding up treatment timings.